Pre-Kindergarten stimulates the inquisitive mind

Our small class size ensures that each student masters the skills necessary for kindergarten.

Through planned activities and one-on-one guidance, your child masters skills in literacy, math, and handwriting. The school day is enriched with science, Spanish, gym, and the arts. Written reports and conferences with the pre-kindergarten teacher keep you up to date regarding your child’s social and academic progress. The director is available to talk with you on a daily basis.

Our pre-kindergarten teachers will give every child encouragement, support, and many opportunities to use our computers to reinforce the skills they learned in class. Some of the skills that your child can practice on the computer are letter and number recognition, calendar concepts, predicting, sequencing, classifying, memory, imagination, patterns, and geometric shapes.

Our pre-kindergarten classes create a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

Child coloring with teacher in a pre-kindergarten class at Discovery Corner Academy

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten

  • Our curriculum is designed to make sure that every child is ready for kindergarten
  • We use computer activities to reinforce skills learned in class
  • We teach each child to make good choices
  • Our teachers work individually with every child on basic skills
  • We enrich the pre-kindergarten experience with Spanish, science, gym, and the arts
  • Two report cards are provided yearly
Would you like your child to be a part of Discovery Corner Academy?

Reach out to our director to get your child started in our curriculum or ask any questions about enrollment.