Preschool focuses on positive experiences

In the comfortable surroundings at Discovery Corner Academy, your preschooler will feel safe and happy while enjoying a positive first-school adventure. The preschool day is filled with laughing, learning, and making new friends.

Our experienced teachers will guide your child to develop his or her own interests, learn to relate to other children, and develop important language and social skills. There are daily opportunities to learn positive social interaction with other children and adults.

We will coach your child to ask questions, listen, and get other people’s attention in an acceptable way. Your child will be taught to share with their new friends and work out acceptable compromises when there are conflicts. Helping children get along with others is basic to success in school and in life.

Age-appropriate equipment fills each classroom and our secure playground so that your child has many choices to explore and learn. Each day is planned and predictable but flexible enough to give him or her a sense of safety and security.

Children painting in a preschool class at Discovery Corner Academy

Benefits of Preschool

  • We provide a safe, loving, caring, and happy first-school experience
  • Our preschool program is planned and predictable so that your child feels comfortable and at the same time allows for individual growth
  • We teach each child to listen, ask questions, and get other people’s attention in an appropriate manner
  • Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning and curiosity
  • Our preschool day is filled with laughing, learning, and making new friends
Would you like your child to be a part of Discovery Corner Academy?

Reach out to our director to get your child started in our curriculum or ask any questions about enrollment.